SINGER 7258 Stylist Award-Winning Computerized sewing machine

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SINGER 7258 Stylist Award-Winning Computerized sewing machine

5 ***** Star + 1885 Customer Reviews

Are you looking for an award-winning computerized sewing machine? That offers a tremendous variety of stitches, that can handle all types of sewing, and constructed to last, the SINGER 7258 Stylist Award-Winning Computerized sewing machine is the one for you. The award winning computerized sewing machine is one of the best machines to consider as a beginner down to the very experts who had the skills.

The SINGER 7258 Stylist offers wide range of stitches to take care of your sewing needs. As the name portraits award winning computerized makes users of this 7258 SINGER to rate it high having 5 stars and 1883 customer reviews , that is to say the machine is great for the job. At times when an item is positively rated well, many think a whole lot of money is involve, well as for this unit you might just be wrong if you’re already because with few
you will start to enjoy all of the features available on the Computerized sewing machine.

I know you are really anxious to known why the SINGER 7258 computerized sewing machine is an award winning power for fashion designer. The following features are explained:

Easy threading Method: With the automatic needle threader, you can easily thread your machine within few seconds. How to thread your machine instructions printed on the 7258 SINGER to guide you easily. The auto needle threader is a plus.

Multiple presser feet: The machine comes with ten presser feet to accommodate your sewing and quilting jobs. The included feet are:

  1. Muiltiple-purpose foot for variety utility and normal basic level stitching.
  2. Foot zipper for fixing a zipper.
  3. Buttonholes foot to sew 1-step pattern buttonhole collection.
  4. Over-casting foot for over-casting stitches that run through the edge a seam to finish it off.
  5. Satin stitch foot is use to mend satin stitches.
  6. Blind hem for finished hemming.
  7. Rolled hem foot is used to tucks fabric under the machine presser foot to hide the seam edge as you sew.
  8. Gathering foot produces shirring effect by evenly bunching up the fabric as you sew it.
  9. Quarter inch presser foot for those quilting projects.
  10. Embroidery and darning.

SINGER 7258 Stylist  Review

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Workspace illumination: The sewing area is design with LED light for brighter and optimal viewing. Long-lasting, rated at 100,000 hours bulb, and remain cool even when you operate the machine for a long duration.

LED display screen: Any stitch type, stitch width and stitch length you choose is shown inside the LED screen. Stitch width and length, irrespective of the setting, are automatically adjust to the optimal setting. These auto settings can be overridden if you want to be essentially creative.

Top bobbin drop-in: The top bobbin loading is so easy to insert while the clear cover lets you monitor the bobbin working and thread supply.

100 stitch options: The SINGER 7258 offers 100 stitch options for you to pick from, including heirloom and quilting stitching, craft, fashion sewing, and home decorative sewing. There are also 9 core stitches for garments construction and projects, and for mending. You may sometimes be in needs of stitches that will go with certain fabric. There are 8 stretch stitches available to handle this. You can also make special decorative design on anything you sew with the seventy-six ornamental stitches to select from. Also included 6 different exact size buttonholes which can be created in 1-step process.

Programmable needle position: To keep your sewing neat and simple you can auto program the needle to stop at whatever location you want, like the highest-up position for easier removal of fabric. If you’re doing quilting or appliquéing you can auto program it to stop in the down position for easy pivoting? After unplugging the foot control, press the start button and watch the machine sew.

Built to last: Internal construction includes a heavy duty metal frame.

Automatic tension: The auto tension feature makes sure that your stitch quality is perfect on all fabric types.

This 7258 SINGER Stylist Award-Winning Electronic sewing machine has its good and its bad side, like any product. To break it down for you, here is compiled list of the advantages and advantages:


  1. The machine works quietly.
  2. The metal frame provides sturdy construction.
  3. Uniform, smooth, and not puckered stitches.
  4. Convenience Start/Stop button.
  5. The speed control and programmable needle up/down buttons position are time savers and let you keep in control of your sewing.
  6. Top loading bobbin is easy to work with.
  7. The stitch selection is awesome.
  8. 25 year limited manufacturer’s warranty.
  9. Owner’s manual is very clear and easy to use and also comes with a DVD with plenty of helpful information.


  1. Automatic presser foot pressure but not adjustable.
  2. Stitch width is 5milimeter maximum, compared to 7 millimeter options in other machines.
  3. Some accessories are plastic.

Well in summary, the SINGER 7258 Stylist Award-Winning Computerized sewing machine comes with lots of extras you will need for basic level sewing to professional level. With this award singer 7258 singer machine you will love to sew whenever you love to, plus easy to follow start up manual and most considerable is not expensive compare to its features.

SINGER 7258 Stylist Award-Winning Computerized

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