Singer 7256 Fashion Mate Review

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singer 7256 fashion mate review

Simple outward design with lot of enthusiasm moments to enjoy when carrying out your sewing projects with the singer fashion mate 540 meant for both beginners and professionals. It does not cost much to be among those using this singer sew mate, it is just a matter of choice and your budget to start running your personal or business clothing design. Having being into the sewing industry being an experts in sewing machines, I decide to recommend this easy to learn singer 7256 fashion mate as one machine you will ever love to work with in getting all your creative thinking come alive. The fashion mate belongs to the Singer brand, a household names when it comes to sewing machines for those who are already long in the business. I bet they have a better knowledge of the brands that have some of the best machines in the market as of today!

singer sew mate  review

Probably you might be pondering why? this particular singer fashion mate sewing machine, I decide to talk about. I believe, it is only what you know and what one have seen that’s what one can actually reference even though there are tons of sewing machines in the market to choose from. Selection process may become daunting especially to newbie in the sewing line who barely knows the quality of a good sewing machine as a beginner. Out of the box, the singer sewing machine 7256 is reliable and durable for those that want to a machine that can last long before thinking of replacing. This Singer 7256 will help you to move from basic levels with all the necessary features and advance options available on the singer computerized sewing machine. I tell you, you’ll be able to do your normal heirloom, quilting, and other decorative crafts on the award rated 5 star sewing machine, plus over 1882 customer reviews.

With up to 70 built-in stitches you will able to run your decorative designs, heirloom, sating and stretch stitches. To complement your sewing, you will find up to 6 various styles of automatic one-step button.

Stitch selection is awesome for fashioning clothes, hemming even changing your present closet, doing quilting, designing home accessories and also free hand sewing. The zig-zag stitch when selected can be altered in length up to 6 millimeter and width 7 millimeter. You will also find neat stippling stitch for making great design for your quilts. To get most out of your sewing, the stitch selection is printed on the face of the 7256 Singer for easy and quick selection.

singer fashion mate

Here are the main features of the singer 7256 fashion mate Sewing Machine

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The singer is design on a computerized foundation which means plenty of options are available to your control when sewing. Most especially the 4 stitch selection buttons closely encircling the LCD screen. They are provided for easy selections and changing of settings when necessary. Some of the extras that come alongside which are most features recommended for beginners to know include:

  1. 750 stitches per minute.
  2. Auto needle threader.
  3. Thirteen needle positions.
  4. Horizontal threading.
  5. Auto tie off feature.
  6. Automatic lock stitch.
  7. Automatic declutch bobbin winder.
  8. Drop in bobbin.
  9. View through bobbin cover.
  10. 6 segment dog feed.
  11. Free arm sewing.
  12. Twin needle capable.
  13. Extra high presser foot height setting.
  14. Auto presser foot pressure.
  15. Built-in work light.
  16. Built-in handle.
  17. 2 built-in manual thread cutters.

The singer fashion mate has n interior metal frame, sturdy but can still be put on a cabinet in order to support larger projects.

With this sewing mate you can sew various fabrics starting from crepe and chiffon, jersey, knits, range of cotton material, denim, canvas, sailcloth and duck.

Although the dogs feed cannot drop but the 7256 Singer sewing machine features darning plate that helps covers the dogs feed to enable you do free hand sewing, darn materials or fixed buttons that need mending.

Under the LCD screen, the 2 arrows keys provided is use to change the 2 figure stitch design selection and also in changing of stitch settings like the length and width. The needle-plate has inch marking and metrics as well.

The machine reverse buttons performs 2 different works depending on the stitch type you are sewing. When you select the straight and the zigzag stitch, the reverse mode will sew in the reverse direction when pushed. While for all other stitches, when the reverse button is pushed sews 4 tiny and tacking snitches in compass form in order to lock the stitches.


Easy to use as a beginner, works quietly, good stitches, automatic needle threader and auto bobbin winder help to drop in your bobbin.


LCD screen not back-lit, there may be hard to see in some situation, LED light sometimes becomes brighter and the presser foot cannot be adjusted manually.

With all of the features discussed above, the singer 7256 fashion mate stand out among other sewing machines you will find in the market. So start your clothing design line with the singer 7256 today or learn how to buy your sewing machine, the beginners guide.

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