Janome HD1000 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine Review

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Janome HD1000 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine Review

4 **** + 214 Plus Customer Reviews

If you are looking for a heavy duty machine, a reliable and durable one that can run through any type of fabrics, the Janome hd1000 heavy duty sewing machine is an efficient sewing unit that will provides you with reliability and long lasting. Although there are many heavy duty machines in the market to consider but the good thing about this Janome hd1000 as someone that in the line of fashion design and having spent time with many seamstress trying to know what has really be the drawbacks over the years of sewing, crafting and design. It all went down to quality machine that can do the work just they have imagined and want it to look. So I dimmed it fit to share the heavy duty sewing machines for any one that want to really go into the business fully expanding to become a known designer. The machine is a bit expensive but the extras available in this brand of Janome sewing machine will enhanced your creativity while exploiting new ideas. I am not only writing this review about the hd1000 machine from my own personal knowledge but I also extracted customers opinion regarding the ability of the machine since they have started using it. Off-course nothing is 100% adequate, so as you read further you will get to know the advantages and disadvantages of the janome hd1000.

What makes the Janome HD1000 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine best for the projects even among others? As step up heavy duty machine for sewers, it comes out of the box with built-in 14 stitches that will expand your sewing design and a four step buttonholes that bring fine finishing to your garments. Since it’s not a computerized machine makes it easy for beginners and those who are scared of pressing buttons. I know you will love to do your clothing projects with this janome sewing machine if you ever consider it. When buying a machine, it is also important you take into consideration the body frame which is the material component using in the building it. Most machines with plastic parts end up damaging within limited time frame; this is one of the reasons why the hd1000 sewing system is going to serve you for years until you decide to upgrade even as your business grows because it made of Cast Aluminum and as a hallmark of durability. Host of features available in this machine are outline below.

janome heavy duty sewing machine

214 Plus Customer Reviews

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Additional Features of the Janome HD1000 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

  1. 14 Built-In Stitches comprises of stretch stitches, utility stitches and four step buttonholes.
  2. Cast Aluminum built-up.
  3. Drop Feed.
  4. Auto-needle threader.
  5. One automatic one-step buttonhole.
  6. Free arm for sewing collars, pants, etc.

Accessories Includes:

  • Extra Needles.
  • Felt.
  • Bobbins.
  • Two Screwdrivers.
  • Seam Ripper/Buttonhole Ripper.
  • Hemmer Foot.
  • Zipper Foot.
  • Buttonhole Foot.
  • Hem Guide & a Soft Cover.


The machine is not expensive for the price since it is a heavy duty sewing machine for cloth making. Easy drop feed for various needs such as stippling, darning, button attachment. And a long lasting aluminum body construction.


It is not a computerized machine and available stitches are not many only 14. It comes with utility stitches and stretch stitches only.

Any one in need of a heavy duty machine with a limited budget, the Janome hd1000 is a unique sewing machine for the fabrics projects.

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