Brother SE400 Sewing Machine Review

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Brother SE400 Sewing Machine Review

5 ***** & 1678 Customer Reviews

If you are searching for a solid stitch sewing machine that will offers you the quality stitches for your fabrics projects. This brother se400 sewing machine is one considerable machine to solve multiple sewing requirements. You can use the se400 to do your basic sewing down to quilting and also serves as an embroider machine.

The 5 star rated machine, plus 1448 customer reviews Brother SE400 Combination Computerized Sewing and Embroidery machine cost few dollars which makes it to fit into users’ budget and needs, especially if you are on specified budget rate and you are looking forward to combine embellishments which are randomly unique, customizable and high end finishing, search no more than this brother se400 embroidery machine as a good sewing machine that will offer you solid stitch sewing patterns.

You can start with your creative thinking crafts taking advantage of the most features required for basic level projects sew then gradually increasing your skills even as a beginner aiming to a be a professional some day!

Here are the major features you will find on this Brother SE400 Sewing Machine:

Back-lit LCD touch-screen display:The LCD back-lit display enable you to see the built-in designs, check the editing and all style of design features.

Automatic needle threading: there is no need of manual threading of needle; the SE400 Brother sewing unit comes with 1-touch automatic needle threader which saves time.

Connect machine to computer:Since the machine is a computerized, you can simply download updates to your machine from your computer using the USB port. You may also decide to import favorite’s embroidery designs. This Brother SE400 employs standard industry pes-files to pen ibroidery files and digitize designs.

Large range of sewing features: The computerized Brother SE400 machine provides up to sixty-seven stitches to select from and plus a complete ninety-eight stitch function, plus the power to make attractive home decoration and to make more interesting clothing and gift items through embroidery capabilities.

Embroidery design: You can easily extract new dimensional ideas from the archive of seventy designs or select from 120 pattern of frame and four lettering fonts. Or you may choose to import you owe kind of designs using your PC if you so desire.

Top Drop-in bobbin organizer: The top drop-in bobbin system allows smooth sewing with its jams resistance ability.

Winding the bobbin: The Brother SE400 Combine sewing and Embroidery Machine allow the bobbin threading procedure easy and stress free. included is a printed diagram that show the step by step process on how to prepare your bobbin quickly.

Ample light for working: This light provides better viewing specifically concentrated on the needle location and so you don’t have look for extra task light.

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7 point dogs feed: Smooth and easy advancing your fabric is what you will get from Brother SE400’s 7-point dog feed system.

Multiple Accessories included: It comes with an embroidery arm and a 4 inch X 4 inch embroidery hoop standard accessories with the brother se400 embroidery. Additional, a soft dust cover and an English/Spanish operation user manual. The quick-start instruction will get you going without wasting time. Other necessary assortment feet attachments includes:

  1. Blind stitch foot.
  2. Overcasting foot.
  3. Zipper foot.
  4. Embroidery foot.
  5. Button fitting foot.
  6. Buttonhole foot.
  7. Monogramming foot.

Accessory bag: For easy access of everything you may need for your sewing, the se400 embroidery brother machine comes with an accessory bag comprising of set of needle, seam zipper, 2 screwdriver, cleaning brush, 3 spool cabs, a touch pen, scissor and 3 bobbins.

Brother SE400 Combination Computerized Sewing and 4x4 Embroidery Machine

Customer’s impression based on this Brother SE400 Combination Computerized Sewing and Embroidery Machine is worth looking to know the pros and cos associated with this brother sewing machine. below are what makes the sewing unit good and bad from users opinion put together by me for you absolute decision process:


  1. Connecting it with your PC offers you unlimited accessing of embroidery deigns features.
  2. The user’s manual is simple to know, plus the embroidery functions.
  3. Built-in light works perfectly for viewing stitches.
  4. Two in one machine means you can sew and do your embroidery at the same time.
  5. Touch-screen LCD display is time saver. No buttons to push or dials to spin.
  6. Threading the needle is quite easy.
  7. Winding the bobbin is very.
  8. It comes with separate arm for the embroidery feature.


  1. I may be daunting as a beginners and the desire to learning the basics.

  2. Cost may a demanding factor to some.
  3. Only restricted to 120 voltage watts.
  4. About half of the pre-installed designs are somewhat dated and will probably be rarely used.

Whether you are a beginner just about to explore the sewing industry or a professional who do regular sewing. This Brother SE400 Combination Computerized Sewing and Embroidery Machine comes with plenty features you are searching for in order to meet your sewing needs while moving on to next level in designing. Its sturdy and solid construction and ease to explore will help you bring on professional good looking projects for years as you grow in business

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