9 Tips For Buying a Sewing Machine

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Learning how to sew is very easy but the first step to take to start a sewing line, you will need a sewing machine. When I started my sewing business some years ago, I never had all this knowledge about things I should know in a sewing machine when I bought my first machine. But today I am very privilege to share some of the features you need to know. Probably you are a first timer or you are in already but you haven’t know what a makes a good sewing machine. These crafts 101 sewing tips will spring you up as soon as you keep to them.

How much should you spend in getting a good sewing machine?

The big advice is to invest on expensive machine that covers your budget. But never try buying the so-called $15 hand-held sewing unit or the $25 kid’s machine; they are just a waste of money. Sewing machine from $100 to $2000 is what you should be aiming for”.

Where to buy?

If you still don’t know where to find a great deal on machine, I recommend Amazon .com./best seller sewing machines you will get a wide range of sewing machines with great discount prices. Sometime you get free shipping depending on your location within the United States. You can also take advantage of Amazon prime by signing up for it, for quick shipping of your machine. Or you can go through our sewing machine reviews how to buy guide to choose the best choice for your money.

What brand to consider?

Bernina Sewing Machine that worth whopping sum of $2000 was recommended to me by a friend of mine which I could not afford. I had another friend who was using a $200 brother product. Although she did not recommend it but eventually end up buying a singer sewing machine. Janome is another fast selling brand in the market and others names I could not mention. The most important thing, you look around for better deals and brand that have what it takes to start sewing projects completely.

Apart from the general questions about a sewing machine, listed here after are the stitch patterns/accessories/functions to look for before buying your sewing machine, detailed in easy digest step.

9 Tips on How to Buying a Sewing Machine

Straight-Stitch with Auto Tie-off Function:My take on this as a pro in the sewing line, this is one of the basic and essential stitch/function you should have in your machine. The pros of machine sewing over the handy sewing ones are the speed and durability. With those features, once you press the foot control, your machine will sew four-stitches forward and also four-stitches in the reverse direction and continues to move forward until you release the foot control. Also, once the system reverse button is pushed at the end of the seam, it will sew four-stitches in reverse and another four-stitch in forward and stop.

Straight stitch with stitch length can be adjusted to at least 4.8mm:Most sewing projects may need gathering of baste or fabrics. So to gather, the longer your stitches, the better it works well. So without this feature, gathering of fabrics will be time consuming and also frustrating if you decide to fall back to the use of hand sewing.

Blindhem stitch and foot: If you need to hem formal skirts and trousers or probably you’re into making of window treatments, the blindhem stitch and foot is a nice feature that will handle that. Depending on the reason for buying the machine, your desire is that your machine posses the power and works efficiently. My machine has stitch and foot but does not work efficiently. And if am to purchase a new machine now. I will inquire from the sales dealer to display how it operates. Although the manual booklet says bled-hem stitch and foot use needs practice but I can help myself with the time involve being patients.

Buttonhole stitch and foot: Having the right buttonholes stitch and foot would also save you some quality time and thus leads to professional touch. So you have to ensure your new sewing machine incorporate it.

Zipper foot: This is another important spec to consider but make sure yours works well because mine doesn’t, so I manage to fix the zipper using the general foot.

Drop feed dog button: This might be important only if you plan to do free motion sewing and quilting. The button lowers the dog feed to the chamber allowing you to move the fabrics with your hands easily instead of the sewing machine feed dog. At the point of buying, you can ask the dealer if it your targeted machine has it.

Twin needle function: This is use to stitch shirt sleeves or top decor twin stitches on jeans. Also, depending on the purpose for your machine, try to know if the machine you want to buy can use or cannot use a twin needle which is usually bought separately. It is not a do or die affair your machine have it, you can as well stitch 2 times to accomplish the effect. All the same, twin needle stitch is more perfect.

Bobbin winder ability: Bobbin is a most features that every machine should have. And if your old machine don’t have a bobbin winding tool, then ensure your new machines comes with bobbin wind and works well because you will use it always.

Instruction manual: Go through the instructional booklet of the sewing machine. Make sure it is clearly written and pictures displayed on how to use some specific things. Spend few minutes to read few pages whether it’s explanatory because you will refer to the manual from time to time.

This is my take on how to buying a new sewing machine. If this article has been helpful, please vote for it by using our share buttons. You can as well ask any questions using out comment box if there are certain areas you are still in doubt. I believe you buying a sewing machine with all of those tips shared above will be very easy by now

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